Terry Lowe: Cheryl Moss Works Across the Aisle

Letter to the editor from Terry Lowe

I am thrilled to support the candidacy of Cheryl Moss for state representative in the 151 st in the upcoming special election.

Much like her predecessor, Cheryl is a lifelong resident and a graduate of Greenwich High School. After her three sons graduated from GHS, Cheryl made the leap into local politics in 2017, when she was elected RTM representative in District 8. She has already made her mark as a person who can ‘work across the aisle’, having recently been elected unanimously as chairperson of her RTM district. As if that were not enough, during all of this time, she has been a successful small business owner.

As a coach of the GHS swim team, I have worked with Cheryl on several major projects. She has dedicated countless hours and performed all tasks seamlessly. I never had to worry that things would not get done. I am confident that she will show the same positive energy and dedication in her role as a State Representative.

Cheryl ‘knows’ Greenwich. She will work tirelessly to support an agenda that will benefit Greenwich and the state. She will be a strong voice in supporting bills that benefit Connecticut’s small businesses and promote economic growth.

Cheryl will champion efforts to ensure that Connecticut and Greenwich are leaders in converting our state to a Green Economy with a focus on renewable energy and sustainability. She will support gun control legislation, pay equity for women, and protections for the LGBT community.

Cheryl is a good listener and will advocate for all her Greenwich constituents.

Similarly, she will keep an open mind as she patiently listens to the views of her fellow representatives of both parties as they deal with the issues that currently confront our state.

Cheryl Moss will be a State Representative of whom District 151 and Greenwich will be proud.

Terry Lowe, Greenwich

NOTE: Deadline for letters to the editor for the Jan 21 special election for State Rep District 151 is Jan 14, 2020 at 5pm.