LETTER: Attack on Moss RTM Vote Based on Specious Argument

Letter to the editor from Caryn Rosenbaum, Greenwich

It was disappointing to read Michael Spilo’s attack on a single RTM vote of our colleague Cheryl Moss, candidate for State Representative.

The vote he refers to was a vote against the deletion of $200k from the current budget for a second propane refueling station to be located at Holly Hill. What Spilo fails to mention is that his analysis used different accounting methods than the Town. He ignores other factors contributing to the cost/benefit analysis such as the reduction in emissions and the cost savings to the town as it continues to add duel fuel vehicles to the town’s fleet.

More disappointing is that he went on to make false accusations, implying that Cheryl will vote for any and every expenditure just because “we can afford it.” He did not, apparently, analyze all of Cheryl’s votes on the RTM. Cheryl’s voting record demonstrates a commitment to addressing the fiscal issues of wasteful spending and good governance that ensures responsible expenditure of taxpayer dollars.

Further distressing is Spilo’s touting of Harry Arora’s financial background as proof of his ability to represent Greenwich in the state legislature.

He fails to mention that Arora’s professional career started at Enron, which he left when they declared bankruptcy, and then went on to Amaranth, leaving shortly before the co-head of his trading desk lost $6B, impacting countless investors, including pension funds and municipalities.

The mere existence of a financial background does not a strong legislator make.

Arora made his fortune betting on the energy prices that affect all of us. He has shown himself to be divisive and accusatory and someone who seeks to serve only a segment of our community.

Cheryl Trepp Moss, a lifelong town resident, understands that representing Greenwich in the 151st State Assembly District is all about taking care of people.

Whereas Cheryl has volunteered and been elected to local office, Mr. Arora has no such history. Mr. Arora’s background in unregulated and ultimately bankrupt businesses inspires no confidence that he will put the interests of Greenwich voters first.

I plan to vote for Cheryl Trepp Moss in the Special Election on January 21.

Note: I am member of the RTM representing District 8. This letter is my opinion only and does not represent any official position of the RTM.

Deadline for letters to the editor for the Jan 21 special election for State Rep District 151 is Tuesday, Jan 14, 2020 at 5pm.