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Pointed Questions at GHS Student-Run Board of Education Candidate Debate

The candidates had to think fast,as the questions kept coming, and coming. Each was given just 60 seconds to respond to questions that ranged from the value of student evaluations of teachers, race balance, achievement gap, dispersing New Leb students to other schools during construction, handling of teachers accused of impropriety, and impact to sports and extra-curriculars if start and finish time change at GHS. Continue Reading →

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League of Women Voters Debate, Part 2: Oberlander vs Bocchino

Monday night’s candidate debates hosted by the League of Women Voters of Greenwich was a full house. Part two of the double-header was the debate between Michael Bocchino (R) and Jill Oberlander (D), both running for State Rep District 150, the position being vacated by Steve Walko. The debate kicked-off with a question about deficits. Deficits: Rosey or Grim
Asked about budget deficits, Bocchino and Oberlander saw the glass half empty and half full respectively. “We continue to slide more and more fiscally down the path of ruin,” Bocchino said off the bat. Continue Reading →

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