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WGCH Continues Broadcasting After Turning Off Transmitter at 177 West Putnam Ave

On Monday WGCH announced their transmitter tower at 177 West Putnam Ave had been turned off. While the station searches for a new location for its equipment, listeners can go to WGCH.com where the station is streamed or listen to WGCH at 105.5FM, though that signal is not clear in all parts of town. Continue Reading →

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Week in Review: “Pinnoccio” vs “Shirley,” Urban to Exit, 7 Fishes, Beloved Selectman Dies

Top stories on Greenwich Free Press December 21-28, 2014. WGCH TRANSCRIPT: Housing Authority Leader Accuses Booth Ct Mother of Child with Lead Poisoning of Slander

On Dec. 19 Sam Romeo took a call from a woman who initially identified herself as Shirley. The caller was Dawn Fortunato who is a longtime neighbor of Armstrong Court and the former town dump, now “Holly Hill Resource Recovery Facility.” Fortunato took Romeo to task for the Housing Authority’s claim that soil samples tfrom the northwest corner of the public housing complex were “clean” as stated on the authority’s website. Continue Reading →

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