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July 4th Was a Blissful Greenwich Beach Day, but Ordinances Enforced Was Killjoy for Some

Some beach goers were surprised and even annoyed when life guards at Tod’s Point enforced longtime ordinances from the Parks & Rec chapter of Greenwich’s Municipal Code. The “No List” was enforced, and that meant no ball playing and no flotation devices (waterwings, kick boards). Continue Reading →

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What’s Cooking? Gears up for the Dinner Crowd at Tod’s Pt Beach North Concession

According to Carlos Hernandez of What’s Cooking, when the new north concession stand opens, it will be geared more toward a dinner crowd and feature more formal dishes than the south stand. He predicted that ceviche and wild salmon will be two of the most popular on the menu. There will also be a Spanish flair in the food at the new concession stand.
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Parks & Rec: Byram Pool Access Policy, Monitoring New Deck at Tod’s Pt and Lifeguard Hiring Update

While access to a beach is considered a natural resource protected by First Amendment, a pool is another story. The proposed Byram Pool access policy excludes non-residents unless accompanied by a resident who pays $8.00.
“We’re going to recommend at some point, that the seasonal beach pass go up a few dollars and include the pool,” Mr. Siciliano said at the March 30 Parks & Rec board meeting. “So that when you buy your park pass, it includes the pool.” Continue Reading →

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