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Parents, Students Line up to Share Feedback with BOE on New School Start Time

Greenwich Board of Education. Sept 14, 2017 Photo: Leslie Yager

Complaints after 8 full days of the new school start times ranged from buses being late to impacts on scheduling sports practices and games. Many thanked the BOE for the change and said students are getting to school alert and that the benefits last throughout the day. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Limited before school activities don’t defeat purpose of changing GHS start time

“It is one thing to allow some students to choose to get up early for an extra-curricular on non-core elective, and something completely different to force more than 2,600 students to come in every day for core academic courses at an hour that has been clearly shown to jeopardize their health, well being, and academic performance.” – Valerie Erde & Wheatleigh Dunham, Start School Later, Greenwich Continue Reading →

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Letter on School Start Times to BOE, Superintendent: “The Issue is Not Going Away”

“Any district that wants to make this change can make it; it is a matter of will, not of athletic/club schedules. As wonderful as activities are, they are not main reason we send our children to school and I assume why they are termed: extra-curricular.” – Valerie Erde, Start School Later Continue Reading →

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Superintendent’s School Start Time Recs: I Will Not Be Here. Someone Else Will Have to Do It… I Have Hope

On Thursday Dr. McKersie’s school start time recommendations were mulled over by the Board of Education in their session at North Street School. “On June 14, as a board you have to decide: Are we going to move forward or not? Are you committed to this? Are you willing to move ahead?” McKersie said. “I have hope,” he said adding that Greenwich Schools had succeeded with another bold, expensive move: digital learning. Continue Reading →

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