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99 Reasons to Deny: P&Z Nixes Iron Works Proposed Massive Apartment Building

P&Z commissioners listed objections to a proposed 355-unit apartment building on the site of the steel fabrication facility, Post Road Iron Works, on the grounds that the town sewers could not accommodate the flow, that the safety of children walking or taking the bus to school was compromised, that there was not adequate light or ventilation, outdoor play space. Also there were concerns about traffic and scale of the building compared to others in the area. Importantly, there was concern that the applicant had not been forthcoming about contamination on the site. Continue Reading →

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As Proposed, 355-Unit Apartment Building at Iron Works Site Looms Large, Questions Remain

In a test of endurance the Planning & Zoning commission met until 1:49am on Tuesday to deal almost exclusively with the proposed development of the Post Road Iron Works site. Many outstanding issues remain, including potential contamination of a pond on an adjacent property, a proposed “liner fix” for the sewer, traffic, drainage, and more. Continue Reading →

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Sparks Fly for Iron Works Application at Late Night Wetlands Meeting in Greenwich

Attorneys for the Post Road Iron Works and the intervenors jousted for the microphone in the 11th hour on Monday night, each expressing umbrage at the other’s remarks. LPE for the applicant Carver Glezen outlined plans for remediation. There is still great concern from the town sewer department about the applicant’s calculations. Continue Reading →

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Top GFP Stories: Crushed Storymobile, Ire over Iron Works, Marla Maples, Olivine Gabbro, School Start Time

GFP Lifestyle Editor Karen Sheer captured memories forever at the Global Lyme Alliance “Time for Lyme Gala” on Saturday and an elegant fashion show at Olivine Gabbro on Thursday. Meanwhile Leslie Yager continued to chronicle the application of a 533-unit apartment building at the Iron Works plant, where 30% of units would be “affordable” which exempts the applicant from many regulations. But, where would the children play? Would Glenville School be overwhelmed? Can the sewer lines accommodate the flow?
At the School Start Time forum, the school bus expert talked about transportation variables and various start time options. A GHS 9th grader reminded parents who were worried about impacts on school activities and sports that “school comes first.” Continue Reading →

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P&Z: Apartment Building at Iron Works Site Too Big, Too Urban, Too Tall

Seeking an exemption from Town regulations in order to offer affordable housing in a 355 unit apartment building at 345 West Putnam Ave, a fleet of attorneys and experts had a frosty reception from the Planning & Zoning Commission Tuesday night. And that was before residents had a chance around midnight to have their turns blasting the applicant for an urban-like development in the Town of Greenwich. Continue Reading →

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Residents Blast Proposed Iron Works Development. Wetlands Director: We’re Not Letting the Applicant Skate Through.

“At this time I recommend the agency move forward with the application and resolutely pursue establishing the extent and nature of the contamination and the means to remedy it. This is the most expeditious way to address the contamination and protect the wetlands. If the applicant does not provide a detailed remediation plan, this may be reason for denial.” – Wetlands Agency Director Patricia Sesto on Post Road Iron Works Application Continue Reading →

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