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Greenwich Loses Selfless Volunteer Peter Crumbine

“I have met many fine people in my life, and certainly many during my tenure in public service for he past three decades, but no one ever as selfless and respected at Peter Crumbine. Peter was what we would call a ‘happy warrior.’ He loved to debate, was a committed Republican, and as principled as anyone, yet did so in a dignified and respectful manner that drew praise and admiration from all who knew him.” – Fred Camillo Continue Reading →

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7th Annual David N. Theis Award for Outstanding Community Service Presented to Larry Simon

Bea and Peter Crumbine spoke of Mr. Simon’s selflessness, partnership, and friendship. They also praised his commitment to Greenwich, noting that in addition to his work with previously mentioned organizations, he also played significant roles with the Greenwich Land Trust, the League of Women Voters, the United Way and the Bruce Museum. He is currently the chair of the board of the directors of The Nathaniel Witherell. Continue Reading →

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Crumbine: Is The Democrat Nominee For State Senate Really Against State Control Of Local Zoning?

“The Zoning Bill that was eventually passed by Hartford Democrats (SB1024) was significantly watered down from its original draft. This was primarily due to a grassroots Republican effort by CT169Strong, and vocal opposition from the minority Republican legislators throughout the state. Make no mistake, this will be back in some form.” – Peter Crumbine Continue Reading →

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Bea and Peter Crumbine Highlight the Fifth Annual Theis Award on Oct 3

he Glenville Volunteer Fire Company will mark its five-year anniversary of presenting the David N. Theis Award for Outstanding Service to the Community, by honoring Greenwich civic leaders and volunteers, Bea and Peter Crumbine. Continue Reading →

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