Crumbine: Is The Democrat Nominee For State Senate Really Against State Control Of Local Zoning?

Submitted by Peter Crumbine, former Selectman, Town of Greenwich

The push by State Democrats to takeover local Planning and Zoning from small towns is something that directly impacts the lives of people in the 36th District. Last year, State Democrats leveraged “DesegregateCT” as their Proxy, and wrapped it in a feel good message about creating “affordable housing for all”. If enacted, this would allow for an overdevelopment of housing in the 36th District which will produce an oversupply of housing, thus suppressing home prices and creating housing that is “more affordable”.

Although in a recent debate, the Democrat nominee has said she supports local zoning, she is also an ally of Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin and his wife Sara, who is the founder of DeSegregateCT. This should be a concern. Let’s remember that both Steve Meskers and former State Senator Kasser claimed to be for local zoning rights, but both stayed silent during the heated debate that ensued and both voted to support HB6107, which is a precursor to additional bills that will be presented.

The fact that the Democratic candidate has actually gone door-to-door with Hartford Mayor Bronin in this district, calls into question whether she has the pulse of the district she is running to represent. That should not be a surprise to people as she has only lived here for two years. This lack of community roots is problematic in a race of this importance.

Let’s not forget that Mr Bronin is closely associated with a group that called Fairfield County towns “segregationist” just a few months ago. Allying with someone like Mr Bronin, also calls into question the political savvy of the Democrat nominee.

The Zoning Bill that was eventually passed by Hartford Democrats (SB1024) was significantly watered down from its original draft. This was primarily due to a grassroots Republican effort by CT169Strong, and vocal opposition from the minority Republican legislators throughout the state. Make no mistake, this will be back in some form. The idea that the Democrat nominee is campaigning with a principle architect of this push should be disturbing to the entire 36th District, Republicans, Independents and Democrats.

Ryan Fazio, the Republican nominee for State Senate, has been on record since the outset of the zoning debate saying that he is a strong supporter of local planning and zoning and he opposed the House Bill that was voted through solely by Democrats. On August 17th, I will be casting my vote for Mr Fazio. He has grown up in our community and has a deep appreciation for what is important to this district. I humbly ask that you cast your vote for him.

Peter Crumbine
Former Selectman
Town of Greenwich


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