Letter: This is the Mark Kordick I know.

Letter to the Editor submitted by JoAnn Messina, June 18, 2018

Many residents remember the calm, reassuring and often witty voice that sent out daily updates during our storms of 2008-10, the voice of Mark Kordick.

During one such storm my unfortunate experience was of a bed-ridden husband who needed to have his bed raised and lowered by electricity that we did not have for 9 days.

Without my request, Captain Kordick found a battery backup, brought it to me every late afternoon and picked it up to be recharged every morning so I could attend to my husband overnight with no assistance.

This is the Mark Kordick I know.

I met Mark when he was a member of the Parking and Traffic Committee. He was a breath of fresh air on the committee sharing information that we would otherwise not be aware of regarding traffic calming, what works and does not work in the traffic world, and facts and figures that were so essential to our work.

After an exhaustive consultant driven study, a Parking Services Department was created, and Mark Kordick was asked to leave his Police duties, which he loved, to lead the new department. He did that and had the department humming. Since that time, problems have occurred in this department and because of his expertise he was asked to return.

Does this Iowa native have a unique way of communicating? As many heard during his updates he does, with passion, intelligence and wit.

My question is, why do we not appreciate and respect what we have in Captain Kordick and support him rather than listening to his few critics?

JoAnn Messina