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Bergstresser: Blankley understands both the public and private side of Connecticut’s economy

“With this background, John is well qualified to represent Greenwich in Hartford, but he represents one further advantage, as a Democrat in the Senate, he will be able to participate in the formulation of fiscal legislation.

Since the Democratic majority in the legislature does not accept direct participation of Republican Senators in the development of Budget and Tax policy, Greenwich’s ideas and concerns are not addressed. Our current Senator can criticize and complain, but he has little ability to introduce new ideas and initiatives.” Jean and Richard Bergstreser (former Greenwich First Selectman) Continue Reading →

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Blankley: When will Senator Frantz Denounce Trump?

“We are now beyond the initial outrage felt when Donald Trump insulted women, immigrants, Muslims, the Pope, a judge of Mexican heritage, journalists and newspapers, a Gold Star Family, war heroes and exposed himself as a know-nothing bigot and vulgarian. We are now talking about a man who clearly understands nothing about realpolitik in the wider world, a man who is a true threat to our freedoms from inside our very own body politic.” – John Blankley Continue Reading →

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John Blankley calls on Sen. Frantz to Denounce Donald Trump

“Mitt Romney, who was hosted twice at Scott’s home for fundraisers in the last election cycle, had this to say on the subject: ‘Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud. His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University.’ I now call on Scott to follow Mitt Romney’s lead.” – John Blankley Continue Reading →

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John Blankley’s Statement on Orlando and UK Shootings

Submitted by John Blankley in response to the Orlando and UK Shootings, June 16, 2o16

The news of the massacre in Florida last weekend and the news today from the UK makes me even more determined to ensure that we enact even stronger gun safety laws. I did not know Jo Cox, the MP killed today in the UK in an act of senseless violence but I feel compelled to comment because she was the MP for the district where I grew up in the North of England. It is sad but true that even the strictest laws, which the UK has, will not ultimately stop a determined assassin. Nevertheless we must make every effort to quell gun violence as an expression of political and religious hatred. I will add my voice to the efforts of our Congressional delegation, especially those of Senator Murphy, to pass sensible gun safety laws. Continue Reading →

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John Blankley’s Campaign for State Senate Meets Threshold for Public Financing

John Blankley of Greenwich announced on Friday, June 10 that he has met the threshold to qualify for the Citizens Election Program and will submit his filing early next week. “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported my campaign in these early stages. We have created a lot of momentum that will enable us to mount a strong challenge heading into the November election,” Blankley said Wednesday. “Gaining signatures and donations in a very short period of time is personally gratifying but more important it demonstrates that the residents of this district are ready for new representation in Hartford, and I am ready to provide that change”
According to the State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC), “the Citizens’ Election Program is a voluntary program…designed to encourage citizen participation and limit the role of private money in the State of Connecticut’s political process.” State Senate candidates for the general election are required to raise $15,000 from 300 individual donors from towns within the districts they seek to represent to qualify for their grant. Sign up for the free Greenwich Free Press newsletter
Arrives daily at 6:05am. Continue Reading →

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Democrats Nominate Greenwich’s John Blankley to Run for CT Senate 36th District

The 36th district convention convened at Town Hall on Monday night, and officially selected John Blankley to be their candidate for State Senator. “What a great honor it is,” Mr. Blankley said after receiving the nomination. “I feel so honored and humbled for you to endorse me for this run. People ask me why do I do it? I’m an idealist. I believe people need a choice.” Continue Reading →

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