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Selectmen Debate: Tesei and Litvack Scuffle over Greenwich’s Economic Development

Topics included the controversial re-branding campaign for Greenwich, diminished presence of hedge funds, expansion of Westchester airport, lack of affordable housing and the scourge of developers using loopholes intended to incentivize affordable housing to create monstrosities, and the lousy Grass Island Dog Park. Continue Reading →

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Following Marzullo Statement at Selectmen Meeting, DTC Withdraws Support

At Thursdays Board of Selectman meeting, Drew Marzullo expressed his gratitude to those who reached out to support him. The lone Democratic selectman on the board, Marzullo was arrested in late August and charged with shoplifting. On Wednesday he announced his intent to persevere with his candidacy. “I want to express how grateful I am for the kindness, thoughtfulness and encouragement I have received this week,” he said at the meeting, which was broadcast live on channel 79. “I say this because it has sustained me and has helped me and comforted me in many ways.” Continue Reading →

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Marzullo: We need a President to lead, unite and soothe this country

“Bombastic, empty-threat type behavior coming from the President makes the world less safe. No communications director or Steve Bannon-type figurehead can spin such reprehensible action. While Jeff Sessions, Stephen Miller and Sebastian Gorka may have influence for now, this failing administration is Trump’s to own.” – Drew Marzullo, Greenwich Selectman Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Selectmen Ponder Rest Room Accessibility ahead of Chimes Building Restoration

“To build a $600,000 bathroom that not every resident in the town of Greenwich could take part in doesn’t make any sense… Of course it’s about the disabled, but it’s really about everybody too.” – Alan Gunzburg. Continue Reading →

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