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P&Z Watch: Grilling for Aux Delices Big Plans in Riverside

Owners of Aux Delices in Riverside also own 5 Riverside Lane where the Town issued a Stop Work order for construction of a new building where they seek to house a fish store, jewelry store and Cobs Bakery. They want to change Aux Delices from retail food to a restaurant but have parking deficiencies. They have offered second floor dining without Town approval. Also, they seek permission for their outdoor dining. Continue Reading →

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P&Z Watch: Balducci’s Seeks Outdoor Seating for 24

  Planning and Zoning was presented an application on Tuesday from Balducci’s attorney John Heagney for 24 seats of outdoor dining at the Riverside supermarket. Specifically, they seek six tables – four outside the front of the building, and two on the side of the building for customers and staff who want to sit outside during their breaks. The application hit a snag pretty quickly. In the Town’s regulations, the outdoor dining definition refers to dining related to a restaurant or retail food establishment. Balducci’s is neither. Continue Reading →

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