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Frenchy’s Wine Road: Weekly Store Roundup for February 26, 2021

Dinastia Real Extra Añejo Tequila

Balducci’s (Riverside)

Balducci’s is quite bullish on the new generation of Sakes, including Awa Yuki sparkling sake and Yuzu Sake (a refreshing sake very similar to a light-bodied Limoncello) from Joto, a major producer in Japan.  Four shelves full of sake include a Takehara Junmai from Seikyo, and the “Southern Beauty” Junmai Daiginjo from Nanbu Bijin Shinpaku.  Kampai! Cap, Cork & Cellar (Downtown – Bruce Park)

CC&C just got a couple of Chiantis delivered today from Rosenthal Imports, both from Piemaggio.  There is Le Fioraie Chianti Classico 2015, at $30, and its older, more refined sibling, the 2013 Riserva, at $55.  Many of you have heard me go on about Rosenthal, whom most consider one of the top 3 importers in America, if not THE top importer. Glenville Wine & Spirits (Glenville)

Château Combel-la-Serre is a 100% biodynamic estate that is a microcosm of the changes in southern French winemaking over the past 30 years.  Jean-Pierre and Martine Ilbert left the volume-based production and mediocrity of the local wine cooperative when their “prodigal” son, Julien, decided to carry on the family business after going away to get his college degree.  The wine is 100% Cot Noir, the name for Malbec in Cahors; it is priced at $18.  Phil the Groundhog says Winter’s not over, so Glenville Manager Paul Laveris recommends pairing it with the hearty sausage stew of southern France, Cassoulet.  Glenville is also featuring Dinastia Real Extra-Añejo Tequila, at $95 in the glass bottle, and $125 in the wicked-scary skeleton head ceramic container.  (See photo, above.)

Greenwich Wine & Spirit (Riverside)

I keep saying it: GW&S has a superb beer selection.  This week, they have 8 new beers; 5 from the Other Half Brewing Company, Brooklyn, NY, and 3 from Aslin BeerCo., in Alexandria & Herndon, Virginia.  For those who patronize GW&S, you’ll know that Other Half and Aslin have long been staples there.  Feature beers this week are Hangin’ Hills “Thank You, Next!” now brewed at Thimble Island in Branford, CT, and various beers from Green Empire Brewing, the cult nano-brewery in Colchester, Vermont. Horseneck Wine & Spirits (Downtown – East Putnam)

Along with The Study, below, Horseneck W&S is perhaps the foremost promoter of natural wines in the area.  This week, among many new items on their website, they are featuring two wines from Austria and the former Austria: the Teroldego varietal “Ty… 90” wine from Heinrich Mayr, using grapes grown in the Alto Adige region of Italy (formerly Austria’s Südtirol), and Meinklang Estate’s lighter (think Pinot Noir-light) 2019 Burgenland Red.  The Ty… 90 is so-named because Mayr chooses to market it as a table red under the Italian appellation laws, which means that he cannot name the grape variety or vintage on the label.  But the wine is organic, hand-harvested, uses native yeast for fermentation, and is delicious.  The Meinklang blend contains 3 grapes unique to Austria and Germany: Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch, and Sankt Laurent (St. Lawrence). Continue Reading →

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Frenchy’s Wine Road: From Cap, Cork & Cellar to Connecticut Wine & Liquor, Here, A Weekly Roundup of Wine Store Offerings

François Steichen founded Frenchy’s Wine Road, a Connecticut company that writes copy and content for the wine, spirits and cider industries. He is a resident of Old Greenwich with 16 years’ experience in the Wine Industry in Fairfield County and New York City. He holds the WSET Diploma in wine & spirits. Continue Reading →

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