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ARC Bashes Proposed “Modern, Sleek” Multi-Family Next to Town Hall, Grandfathered Before New R-6 Regs

On Wednesday night, the Architectural Review Committee again said the “modern, sleek” building proposed for the corner of Field Point Road and Sound View Drive would be out of character with the neighborhood. Continue Reading →

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Expired Lease Means Time’s Up for Castiglione Funeral Home

The Architectural Review Committee had a spirited debate on Wednesday night. The topic: a freestanding clock proposed by Vincent Graziano, owner of the funeral home on 134 Hamilton Ave. The applicant ultimately received the blessing of ARC, but his efforts to move into his building have been stymied by presence of tenants, operators of Castiglione Funeral Home, whose lease expired on Jan. 31. Continue Reading →

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Lawsuit Notwithstanding, Greenwich Reform Synagogue OK with ARC, But for ‘Finer Details’

Though Christopher von Keyserling interrupted with an objection to the meeting itself, the Architectural Review committee looked at Greenwich Reform Synagogue plans. Lawsuit notwithstanding the application got “helpful suggestions,” and goes in front of the Planning and Zoning Commission on July 29. Continue Reading →

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