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In September, School Superintendent Dr. McKersie outlined a very aggressive timeline for a possible delayed start time at Greenwich High School, but emphasized that ultimately, the decision will be made by the Board of Education.

At the September Board of Education meeting, Greenwich High School student government leader, Spencer Faragasso weighed in on the delayed start time issue.

“The students of Greenwich High School and I are in support of searching for a solution to this growing crisis,” Faragasso said. “We need our rest. It’s as simple as that.”

“I say from personal experience that too many students fall asleep in class or are so tired that they can’t even pay attention to the lessons being given to them,” Faragasso added.

Last week students gathered in the student center after school to organize their efforts. They talked about circulating a petition, holding a press conference, and streamlining communication. Several students at that meeting told Greenwich Free Press that they go home after school and sleep for 4 hours, wake up, do homework, and go back to sleep for another 4 hours.

Students organize to lobby for a delayed start time at GHS.

Back in August, Board of Education member Peter von Braun organized a rally to raise awareness and build momentum toward a delayed start time at Greenwich High School. At that rally, voices in favor of the changing the start time from the current 7:30am included Peter Tesei and his opponent for First Selectman, Democrat Frank Farricker.

1981 GHS block schedule.

1981 GHS block schedule.

“This issue came from the community and a couple board members,” McKersie said, adding that although the logistics of busing are tremendous in a town as big as Greenwich where so many children take school buses, “the science is clear.”

On October 8, during the Board of Ed work session, a range of budget costs will be presented. “And if the expenditure is made for the delayed school start time, we’ll have to explore what will be removed from the budget,” McKersie added.

In Nov,  McKersie will make recommendations to the Board, after which there will be more public forums.

In December the Board will determine whether to proceed at all, or for fall 2016, or possibly wait for fall 2017.

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