Tree Warden Announces Decision on Pine Trees at Hamilton Ave School

The Deputy Tree Warden Steve Gospodinoff announced his decision on the fate of six pine trees at Hamilton Avenue School – five Black Pines and one Colorado Blue Spruce – on Monday.

Last Thursday there was a public hearing on the trees which were posted and resulted in objections from the community.

The trees are actually on school property and Greenwich Schools Superintendent attended the hearing to object to the trees’ removal, as did Facilities Director Dan Watson. Also voicing objection to the trees being removed from Town property were Greenwich Tree Conservancy Director JoAnn Messina, GTC member Francia Alvarez, and, from Hamilton Avenue School PTA, Catherine Fiorito-Brunetti. 

Sylvester Pecora Jr with a rendering of where he would like to plant 10 Armstrong Maple Trees on Town property at Hamilton Avenue School. April 11, 2019 Photo: Leslie Yager

The tree removals were requested by Pecora Bros who are developing the flag lot behind the Two Door Restaurant with a multi-unit residential complex that includes some affordable apartments (under the state 8-30g statute).

Sylvester Pecora Jr of Pecora brothers presented a replanting plan suggesting 10 Armstrong Maples, as well as, others he sought to plant if the removal was approved.

It was not.

Gospodinoff said, “The trees are in relatively good shape. “I do not see a reason at this time that these six trees need be removed.”

Gospodinoff said the trees do not pose a risk to the traveling public.

“It is my decision not to remove these trees at this time,” he said.

Per CT General Statutes  Chapter 451 , Section 23-59, anyone objecting to the decision has ten days to appeal to state superior.

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