Greenwich First Selectman: Re-Opening of Tod’s Point for Walking Coming “Shortly;” Boating Announcement “Any Day Now”

On his Friday radio show, Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo said the town would soon be relaxing some restrictions in the parks including Tod’s Point.

“We want to keep progressing to gradual re-openings and some type of normalcy as we get into the summer season,” he said.

He said there would be an announcement “shortly” about the partial reopening of Tod’s Point.

“Not to lay in the sand, but to use it for walking,” he cautioned.

“I walked it last weekend with Parks Director Joe Siciliano. We worked out a plan to get people out there, but also to keep them safe and at a distance,” he added.

“The capacity – of course we can’t have 8,500 people like we had there in March, the weekend before we closed it.”

He said there will be an order announced, and a system in place.

“We’ll have Parks & Rec monitors and Greenwich Police down there to make sure people are heeding and paying attention to the rules. I have every confidence that the overwhelming majority of people are going to continue to do their part to stay safe.”

“It’s to make sure people are aware and understand the guidelines,” Camillo said. “They’ll be monitoring, but they’re excited to have everybody get out there and enjoy our beach and parks again.”

Camillo said that “any day now” there would be an announcement of news for boaters “to get them out on the water.”

Earlier this week boat owners received letters giving them a window of two partial days  during the week when they could work on their boats.

Cos Cob Park will be opening on Monday, May 4, to walkers from 7:30am to 2:00, Monday through Friday. People can park at the train station across the street and walk one-way in the park and enjoy the vistas.

Also, on Monday the May 4, the town’s golf course, The Griff golf, will reopen at 8:00am, with strict protocols.