After Zoning Violation, Application for Baseball Field to Top P&Z Agenda Tuesday Night

On the P&Z agenda for Tuesday night is an application for an existing baseball created without necessary permits at field at 56 Clapboard Ridge Rd.

If this address sounds familiar, it might be because it made headlines in 2016 when the applicants, “Meadowlark Manor LLC,” registered to Ray and Lydia Bartoszek, co-founders of investment firm RLB Holdings, LLC, paid $8,750,000 for the property, “Hobby Horse Farm,” aka the Benjamin Reynolds House, circa 1840, and demolished it.

The house had been extensively renovated by its previous owners the Jennings who had invested $3 million in renovations. The demolition disappointed neighbors and signers of an online petition with 635 signatures and 258 comments. Both the Historical Society and Greenwich Preservation Trust made efforts to save the house.

As for the baseball field, a notice of violation was issued by Zoning Enforcement on June 6, 2019.

A special permit is required for recreational areas not open to the general public and not operated for commercial profit.

The applicants are requesting approval for a Final Site Plan and Special Permit to maintain the baseball field.

They have indicated that it is only used only by family and not open to the general public and not operated for commercial profit.

The property is 4.6817-acres in the RA-2 zone.

The baseball field includes a moveable backstop, moveable bleachers, a 4-foot high mesh outfield fence and exposed earth for the bases and pitchers mound.

P&Z staff received a complaint from a neighbor indicating issues with traffic from excessive cars going in and out of the property, lack of screening along the property boundary, team practices and games with coaches and umpires, and early morning weekend practices that have been conducted since 2018.

There is also concern of the impact on wetlands and the use of pesticide and fertilizer on the field.

Additionally, a collective group of neighbors has submitted a letter and documentation in opposition of the proposal.

The meeting starts at 5pm on Zoom. US: +1 646 518 9805 Webinar ID: 914 9020 7380 Password: 0518864

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