Letter: Greenwich Schools Late Start/Late Dismissal = Taxes & Sleep or Program Cuts & Sleep

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Letter to the editor submitted by “GHS Families Against Late Dismissal” June 25, 2016

Dear Editor,

We are writing on behalf of hundreds of Greenwich families who are against the late start/late dismissal resolution that was recently passed by the Board of Education.

We believe it would potentially harm our educational and community landscape.

Until solutions to serious and negative impacts are provided, we do not support the initiative.

Our concerns include undue burdens on working families, students involved in after school programs (clubs, athletics), commuting teachers and faculty, and potential risks to other educational programs to annually fund this late start and dismissal program.

Currently additional bus transportation costs alone is estimated between $1.0 to $1.6 million per year.

We do believe that there are legitimate concerns about sleep deprivation for our children, but we do not believe that changing start and dismissal times of our schools will resolve the problem alone–it is not a silver bullet that should be funded by Greenwich taxpayers.  In fact, our community is not being heard. 46 percent of our students said they did not want a start and dismissal time change of 60 minutes later. 64% of our teachers are against the change.

The time options that are now on the table were not part of any public survey – They were derived by the Superintendent’s Office.

From our point of view, this has been a one way conversation lead by a group that does not fully represent other concerned parents of this community.


GHS Families Against Late Dismissal

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  • Jodi Weisz

    There are families who want their elementary school start-time to remain at 8:15 AM. There are families who would actually prefer their elementary school to start at 8 AM!!

    There are working parents who must be AT WORK at 8:30 AM and 9:00 AM, not start COMMUTING to work at 9:00 AM.

    A 9:00 AM start-time for us is too late.

    Extra curricular activities ARE essential to children’s health, esteem, vitality, future earnings, development and growth.

    Finally, teachers, administrators, aides, most can NOT afford to live here. They must live farther away, where housing is more affordable.

    A later start time will make their lives very difficult.

    They have children too!

    I don’t want my children’s teachers stuck in traffic three hours a day.

  • John B.

    The Town of Greenwich wasted spending , especially in the Board Of Ed. is out of control.
    Thanks GFP for posting this very important topic.

  • Julie G.

    How telling that all of the opposition to late start/dismissal has to do with the convenience of the adults rather than with the health, well being, and education of the children in our care. Where are our priorities?