Greenwich Hospital Introduces “Bee Mindful” Program to Improve How They Care for People with Special Needs

Greenwich Hospital recently announced its implementation of “Bee Mindful” – a program that has been adopted by healthcare organizations across the country to improve how they care for people with special needs.

It is designed to individualize care and provide a safe space for healing and wellness for this patient population. Shortly after launching the initiative, the hospital treated its first patient under the program in its pediatric unit, 17-year-old David Finkel of North Stamford.

David has a rare genetic disorder that presents both physical and cognitive disabilities. When it became clear to Greenwich Pediatric Dental Group that David needed his four wisdom teeth removed, the dental team recommended that David have the procedure at Greenwich Hospital to better suit his recovery. He spent one day at the hospital under the watchful eye of the pediatric nurses and doctors.

David’s mother Nicole Raucher expressed her gratitude for the specialized care her son received at the hospital.

“David’s room had certain blankets, lights and toys that made the experience much more comfortable for him. The team at Greenwich Hospital was aware and knowledgeable regarding David’s needs, which made a difficult procedure much better,” she said.

“The Bee Mindful program was a wonderful introduction to specialized medicine and care at Greenwich Hospital. There was plenty of Bee Mindful signage on our door and in our room indicating that David had special needs and that a specialized team of professionals knew how best to help him. We hope that many more families in the area will be able to enjoy and access this wonderful program,” Raucher added.

The Bee Mindful program provides education to hospital staff on the unique needs of people with special needs and how to improve care for this patient population, as well as a Patient Neurobehavioral Assessment tool (PNAT), which is an assessment and intervention tool that individualizes and provides continuity of care.

“Our partnership with Bee Mindful is another shining example of Greenwich Hospital’s commitment to quality care,” said Chief Nursing Officer Anna Cera, DNP, RN.  “With this new program in place, we are proud to serve a population of people that have been historically marginalized in healthcare.”