Brave Enough for the St. Baldrick’s Shave? Sign up Today!

Western Middle School’s event “Greenwich Braves the Shave” will take place on Thursday, March 14 starting at 6:00pm to benefit the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. The event includes entertainment from J & the B-Sides.

This annual event enlists “shavees” to shave their head to raise money for childhood cancer research.

“We have over 20 shavees signed up,” reported Kerry Gavin, Western Middle School Assistant Principal and event organizer.  “There is still time to sign up and help us reach our goal.”

Gavin, who shaves his head each year, shared the top excuses he has heard over the years for not shaving:

“I have an ugly head.”
“I don’t look good bald.”
“I don’t want to look like Gordon!”
“I have a wedding to go to and don’t want a bald head for that.”
“It’s too cold.”
“I’m going away for vacation and don’t want a sunburn on my head.”

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He also shared the benefits of shaving his own head over the past sixteen years:

“No bed head.”
“No hat head.”
“Wearing a wool cap in the cold weather or baseball cap in warmer weather doesn’t mess up your ‘do.”
“Less time in the shower plus no drying or styling hair = at least 20 more minutes in bed each morning!”
“People get you confused with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (maybe that’s just me).”
“You save money on hair care products and trips to the barber.”
“You are raising money and awareness for childhood cancer research.”
“You set a good example of service.”
“You make a difference for others.”
“You are a hero.”

Gavin has raised $156,000 to date for Saint Baldrick’s Foundation.

He raised $20,000 at last year’s event, which he hopes to exceed this year.

To support Greenwich Braves the Shave or to enroll as a shavee go to:

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation funds the most promising cancer research just for kids. St. Baldrick’s is the top private funder of childhood cancer research grants in the U.S. and around the world.

Each year, thousands of volunteers like Gavin, organize fundraisers, such as Greenwich Braves the Shave to raise money to support life-saving childhood cancer research. St. Baldrick’s events are the largest volunteer-powered fundraising opportunity benefiting pediatric cancer research.