GFP Top Stories of the Week: November 21-27, 2016

screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-9-23-49-amAngela Swift: Super Mom, Athlete, Successful Realtor and Intrepid Volunteer

Many know Angela Swift from the annual New Year’s Day swim at Tod’s Point she organizes to benefit Kids in Crisis, Connecticut’s only free, round-the-clock agency providing emergency shelter, crisis counseling and educational programs for children and families.

On January 1, 2017, Swift will again lead intrepid swimmers into the frigid waters of Long Island Sound, only the event will have added significance in light of the deep cuts to the Kids in Crisis budget.

Scott Moroney At North Mianus School, P.E. Teachers Get Mowhawks, Kids Raise $5,000+ for Neighbor to Neighbor

On Wednesday, at North Mianus School, the event the 500+ students have anticipated for weeks, the Turkey Fowl, went off without a hitch. In fact, the event took a new, exciting twist when the school’s two PE teachers, Scott Moroney and Patrick Prisinzano followed through on a promise to have their heads shaved into mohawks. All for a great cause.


Wetlands Agency Delays Application for 3 Houses at 500 Lake Ave after Agency, Residents Question Plan

On Monday, the Wetlands Agency entertained an application from the owners of 500 and 0 Lake Ave to tear down a historic mansion and build three new houses with pools and accessory buildings.

The two lots, 0 and 500 Lake Ave,  sold on September 12 from Princess Hussah Abdulaziz to Foster Lake LLC and 500 Lake LLC for $5,579,376.

Foster Lake LLC is registered to Foster Kaali-Nagi, and 500 Lake LLC is registered to Alex Kaali-Nagy.

The aplicant seeks to established a shared driveway off Round Hill Road for two of the three homes, and maintain the existing entrance off Lake Ave for the house that replaces the mansion.

“Those lawns will drain right to the wetlands,” said Pat Sesto, Wetlands director to the applicant’s engineer Rob Frangione and landscape architect and professional wetland scientist, Matt Popp. “We could do better. You need to seize the opportunity from tearing down a house and building three.”

“The use is certainly going to intensify with three houses,” Sesto said.  “Why not improve the wetland on the property fully?”

The mansion at 21 Shorehame Club Drive in Old Greenwich is posted for demolition. Credit: Leslie Yager

The mansion at 21 Shorehame Club Drive in Old Greenwich is posted for demolition. Credit: Leslie Yager

Next for the Wrecking Ball in Old Greenwich: Turn of Century Waterfront Home

A public notice gave the address of the demolition “21 Shorehame Club Road (aka 20 Shorehame Club Road,” which was somewhat confusing. The house to be demolished is 21, not 20. It is a waterfront mansion near Tod’s Point, built in 1900.


Brainstorming Session Helps Those Frustrated by Trump’s Election to Find Their Voice

At a town hall gathering, the topic was voicing concerns about Donald Trump’s agenda, appointments, and business conflicts of interest. Buses are being organized to transport people to the Women’s March on Washington on Jan 21, 2017. A representative from Pantsuit Nation introduced herself at the meeting.


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