Next for the Wrecking Ball in Old Greenwich: Turn of Century Waterfront Home


Recently GFP featured a building posted for demolition at Shorehame Club Road.

The public notice gave the address of the demolition “21 Shorehame Club Road (aka 20 Shorehame Club Road,” which was somewhat confusing.

The house to be demolished is 21, not 20. It is a waterfront mansion built in 1900.

Staff from the building department visited Shorehame Club Road for a routine check of the demolition sign. Per town code, the sign must be posted in a conspicuous place visible from a public or other accessing street.

The building department found the sign was not conspicuous, and required the owner to post an additional demolition sign in a more visible location. So although there appears to be two structures to be demolished because there are two signs, there is only one: 21 Shorehame Club Road.

21-shorehame-club-rd-75-acres-blt-1900A GFP reader who grew up in the neighborhood recalls retrieving golf balls at low tide that the original owner, Mr. Holman, a silent screen movie director, would hit into the water.

The reader recalled how she and a friend were paid a penny for every golf ball they retrieved, which she described that as a tidy sum at the time!


20 Shorehame - Greenwich Free Press

This cottage which had three car bays below appears to be posted for demolition, but it is not.


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