Mill Street Bar & Table Speaker Series: Celebrating Soil, Carbon & Its Effects on Our Food System

On Thursday June 2, 2016, Mill Street Bar & Table and the Back 40 Farm Group, will launch a luncheon series entitled “Mill Street Speakers” with monthly guests speaking at the Greenwich farm-to-table restaurant.

The first speaker, Jeff Cordulack, Executive Director of CTNOFA (Connecticut Northeast Organic Farming Association), will address the issue of carbon and its effects on our food system.

Geoff Lazlo, Executive Chef and Managing Partner of Mill Street Bar & Table, wants his guests to know where their food really comes from and how it was grown. “I am dedicated to sourcing locally and I change my menu almost daily – we walk the walk here,” he told the New York Times recently.

Geoff wants people to dig deeper to understand not only the importance of their food sources, but the equally important growing practices on the farms where these foods are from. “Good, sustainable farming practices dramatically affect the taste, nutritional value as well as the sustainability of the foods people eat,” Geoff said, adding “We are thrilled to have CTNOFA’s Jeff Cordulack come dine and talk with guests about this important topic with a focus on carbon.”

This event will appeal to foodies, gardeners, locavores, home-chefs and science buffs alike. For additional information or inquiries, the public is directed to email: [email protected] .

• Space is limited; reservations required by calling 203.813.3323

•  Lunch will include 3 seasonal courses prepared by Chef Lazlo

• Cost: $58, per person (not including tax and gratuity)

• Location: Mill Street Bar & Table, 230 Mill Street, Greenwich


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