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Webinars Scheduled: Landscape Practices for Healthy Yards

Toxic landscapes not only affect landscapers, but also the property owners. A healthy yard encourages living soil, beneficial insects and biodiversity. It is possible to have a safe outdoor space that invites play and enjoyment at a lower cost than conventional care. Continue Reading →

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Mill Street Bar & Table Speaker Series: Celebrating Soil, Carbon & Its Effects on Our Food System

The first speaker, Jeff Cordulack, Executive Director of CTNOFA (Connecticut Northeast Organic Farming Association), will address the issue of carbon and its effects on our food system.

Geoff Lazlo, Executive Chef and Managing Partner of Mill Street Bar & Table, wants his guests to know where their food really comes from and how it was grown. Continue Reading →

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“Pollinator Potluck” Series Continues with Emphasis on Encouraging Pollinators

On April 28 at 5:30pm Steve Conaway, Conservation and Outreach Director, The Greenwich Land Trust, presents: The Practical Pollinator…principals of habitat improvement to encourage pollinators and other wildlife into your home landscape. The GLT Mueller Conservation Preserve is located on Round Hill Road

May 25 is Pizza PlotLuck in Greenwich Community Gardens (GCG) at Armstrong Court with its new pizza oven and fresh vegetables. Patty Sechi, GCG President and Founder demonstrates gardening for pollinators. May 26th is the rain date. Continue Reading →

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