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Greenwich Community Unites at ‘Better Tomorrow’ Vigil at Arch Street Teen Center

“Teens often feel intense pressure as we try to balance our academic pursuits, our extracurricular activities and our social lives. As all of us in our community chase success, we often find that doing so may come at the expense of our own happiness and well being.” – Tomas Jasson Continue Reading →

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RESTIERI: Preserve The Future Of Greenwich By Preserving Local Zoning Control

“Rather than being the result of a new found altruism among developers, the current massive uptick in 8-30g proposals in Greenwich (and other communities) is a result of a realization among developers that the easy money policies of the past decade are likely over, interest rates are rising, and they had better act fast if they want to take advantage of a law that gives them the ability to plow over local zoning boards and cash in on big developments.” – Tara Restieri, Greenwich Continue Reading →

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Bipartisan Group of RTM Members Craft Resolution to Modify State Affordable Housing Statute 8-30g

“The RTM will take up a bipartisan resolution we drafted for the March 14 RTM meeting, which recommends actions and state law amendments to better address the needs of vulnerable populations and development oversight in the Town of Greenwich.” – Debbie Appelbaum, Scott Kalb, Wynn McDaniel, Anthony Moor, Henry Orphys, Tara Restieri Continue Reading →

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