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Greenwich RTM Opts-Out of State ADU Model Ordinance Despite Opposing Views

CT Public Act 21-29 standardizes requirements for ADUs. It encourages increased overall supply. P&Z chair Margarita Alban said Greenwich wants to increase affordable housing.
Brooks Harris said that the state language would turn all single family homes outside R6 into two-family dwellings. Continue Reading →

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P&Z Watch: Church-Sherwood 8-30g Attorneys Say “Not Unreasonable Destruction” of Historic Assets

“To hear people say they’re building this building in the spirit of how the neighborhood originally started, to me is a bunch of bunk because the building looks like a fortress.” – Dean Gamanos, resident of the Fourth Ward Continue Reading →

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NICK ABBOTT: Responding to Baseless Falsehoods and Smears About DesegregateCT

“Opponents of our work know they are wrong on the facts, so in recent weeks they have resorted to spreading ad hominem attacks and conspiracy theories about our motives and the alleged ‘corporate interests’ behind the group.” – Nick Abbott, Greenwich native and the Deputy Director of DesegregateCT Continue Reading →

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