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CT169Strong: Tracking Affordability Under 8-30g’s Four Categories is Unworkable

“Most towns cannot reach the 10% threshold without the state expanding support of affordable development to all municipalities and without more equitable voucher allocations that reflect the differences in income gaps in higher property value communities.” – Co-founders of CT169Strong, Maria Weingarten, New Canaan and Alexis Harrison, Fairfield Continue Reading →

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LETTER: Joint Favorable Reports – Works of Fiction or Unbiased Ways to Understand Bills?

“The non-disclosure of numerous concerns around “deprioritizing” of infrastructure spending in testimonies, mischaracterizations of statements provided by OPM and by the executive director of WestCOG, and not appropriately highlighting opposition statements by local municipal leaders are clearly not isolated incidents.” – Continue Reading →

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RESTIERI: Why “Fair Share” Is Wrong for Greenwich

“Groups like the Regional Planning Association whose long list of donors are a “who’s who” of developers, construction contractors and real-estate investment trusts, fund groups like OCA and DeSegregateCT. Therein lies a real conflict of interest. It is these donors who will ultimately reap the profits of massive “Transit Oriented Development”, “Work Live Ride” and other proposals like HB6633 “Fair Share”, while towns like Greenwich will be guinea pigs for their central planning experiments.” – Tara Restieri Continue Reading →

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