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In-Person Hamill Rink User Committee Meeting Results in Confrontation during Public Comment

Lucia Jansen, of the RTM budget overview committee, said, “I the lead committee that cut the $950,000 request for this budget item. We were very clear that the reason was because of the lack of information, and certainly not because of the genuine support and interest for the rink.” Continue Reading →

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GHS Cardinals Hockey Kicks It Up a Notch with Live Streamed and On-Demand Game Coverage

While the popularity of hockey has soared over the past 20 years, Hamill Rink has remained frozen in time. Still the success of the boys hockey team, belies the outdated facility. Rob Burnett is calling the games, which are live streamed and archived on LocalLive, and the rink has a new sound system. Continue Reading →

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Parks & Rec Board Discusses Plans for a New Dorothy Hamill Rink

On Wednesday night Rich Ernye, who runs the Town’s Dorothy Hamill ice rink, gave a behind the scenes tour to the Parks & Rec board. He explained that the 15-yer-old Zamboni is set to be replaced next year and that recent setbacks with the facility’s compressors – including a replacement that turned out to be a lemon – meant the office and “warming room” were without heat for 11 weeks. Continue Reading →

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