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Lamont Nominates Joe Giulietti for Commissioner of the Department of Transportation

Joseph Giulietti has had a career in public transportation, starting as a brakeman and assistant conductor at Penn Central Railroad. He rose through the ranks until he became president of the MTA Metro-North Railroad, the nation’s second largest commuter railroad. Continue Reading →

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Camillo, Bocchino Ready to Fight 5% Fare Hike, Shuttering of Ticket Window at Greenwich Train Station

Fred Camillo and Mike Bocchino circulated a petition at the train station on Thursday morning. Most commuters were unaware of a pending 5% fare hike, a public hearing scheduled on Sept. 14, and the shuttering of the ticket window at Greenwich station, and were eager to sign the petition. Continue Reading →

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Commuter Action Group’s Jim Cameron: Is Metro-North a Vendor, Partner or Fanged Sloth?

After 19 years as a member of the Commuter Council, Jim Cameron resigned, but did not quit. Cameron formed the Commuter Action Group, inviting commuters to use a web app, Twitter and Facebook to bypass the DOT and Metro-North to appeal directly to legislators. According to Cameron, complaints about safety and delays have inundated legislators in Hartford. Addressing the RMA in Greenwich on Wednesday, Cameron picked apart Metro-North’s record of safety and delays. Continue Reading →

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