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JIM CAMERON has lived in Darien for over 25 years. He serves on the Darien RTM and is Program Director of Darien TV79. He served 19 years on the CT Metro-North Rail Commuter Council, four as its Chairman. In 2014 he founded a new advocacy group, The Commuter Action Group which speaks on behalf of Metro-North riders. His newspaper column "Talking Transportation" runs in 25+ weekly newspapers as well as The Greenwich Free Press. Archives can be found at http://talkingtransportation.blogspot.com/

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The railroad’s TrainTime app is a game changer. You can not only check the timetable, and buy a ticket but also see how crowded your arriving train will be (so you can find a seat). The app gets downloaded 6000 times a day and is used by 90% of all passengers. And to their credit, it was designed in-house by the MTA’s IT team. Continue Reading →

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TALKING TRANSPORTATION: The Merritt Parkway is Not for Trucks

“Many truckers blame their GPS for directing them onto the parkways, so some insurance companies are offering financial incentives for fleet owners that use “smart GPS” designed for commercial drivers which will warn drivers of over-height vehicles to stay away. But if you’re using a regular GPS unit or an app like WAZE, you’re out of luck.” – Jim Cameron Continue Reading →

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TALKING TRANSPORTATION: Keep the Reader Feedback Coming

“By far the biggest response in recent months was to my column “Metro-North’s Hypocrisy Unmasked” in which I questioned the railroad’s taking hundreds of millions of dollars in aid from the federal government but its apparent refusal to enforce federal, and now its own, mask rules. Those CDC and TSA guidelines have since been lifted, but remain on the books of the MTA.” – Jim Cameron Continue Reading →

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