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Upset Binney Park Neighbors Vocal on Fate of 20 Trees, Mostly Crab Apples

Neighbor after neighbor of Binney Park insisted the Crab Apple trees are beautiful when they flower and are not dead. The trees are slated to be cut down per the Binney Park Master Plan and replaced with trees suitable to soggy, wet soil and salt. Continue Reading →

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Winning Big in the Lettuce Challenge at Garden Education Center

The first annual Lettuce Challenge among 22 second-grade classrooms in Greenwich Public Schools involved some stiff competition. Winners were selected by a panel of judges at the Garden Education Center on Sunday. Judges included Lisa Beebe of the Garden Education Center, Jeff Bischoff of Back 40 Mercantile, who donated copies of his book The Boy, The Farmer to Greenwich grade schools, Cai Pandolfino of Green & Tonic, Patty Sechi of Greenwich Community Gardens and Pam Sloane of GIVE (Garden Initiative for Vegetables in Education). Continue Reading →

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