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Greenwich Marks Juneteenth Holiday with Featured Speakers Bobby Walker Jr, Rev Thomas Nins and Elected Officials

“Learn how efforts around the country to stop teaching various topics in American history because of how it makes some people feel is actually denial of our greatest opportunity to honor all of those who came before us and to unite to build a better future for all that come after us.” – Bobby Walker Jr Continue Reading →

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Is Election Silly Season Creating a Stalemate on Superintendent Contract Renewal?

The BOE voted 4-4 down party lines on a one-year contract extension, Republicans voting yes for one year and Democrats voting no, preferring a 2-year extension. The motion failed to pass. On a motion to extend the contract for two years, there was another tie vote down party lines. That motion also failed to pass. BOE chair Joe Kelly announced he would not be seeking another term in the November election and that was more reason for the superintendent’s contract extension to be one year, not two. Continue Reading →

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