Greenwich Ave Water Main Replacement to Begin Monday: Expect Delays, Detours

On Monday night (Feb 12) Aquarion will kick off a water main replacement project on Greenwich Avenue which they say will take several months.

The First Selectman who is anticipating another season of outdoor dining has said that now is a better time for the project than after outdoor dining resumes in April.

At last week’s Aquarion online information meeting, the hosts said the contractor was AJ Penna & Son, who have 70 years of utility experience. The business is family owned and based in Westport.

AJ Penna & Son did the 2023 upgrades on Summit and Oval Ave and are familiar with Greenwich.

The working hours that the Dept of Public Works and the Board of Selectmen approved for the project are 10:00 pm til 10:00am, Sundays through Fridays.

Donald Snyder from Snyder Civil Engineering, specialists in water infrastructure, said, “We understand this will be a burden to residents and we sincerely apologize.”

Snyder said a year earlier the Town of Greenwich had reached out to say they had plans to resurface Greenwich Ave and asked if Aquarion would be interested in upgrading their infrastructure.

He explained that at 10:00pm their contractor would mobilize and set up the traffic pattern. From there they will set up excavation. Afterward they will back fill, plate, and pave over the previous night’s work. Before leaving, the contractor will broom sweep the roadway and take apart the traffic pattern.

As for disruptions of service, they said for planned shutdowns they will notify customers 2 days in advance.

Detours will be posted in advance for longer duration road closures. For any unplanned closures such as required to move a piece of equipment in or out, police will direct traffic for the 10 to 15 minutes it takes.

Aquarion contractors have worked with Greenwich Parking Services, who have allowed a 6:00pm start time and 10:00am end time.

Each time they set up a no parking requirement, they will post it with 24 hours notice.

The no parking zone will move as the construction moves down the Avenue.

Project updates will be posted on the Aquarion website weekly, including planned closures:

If you have questions or would like to receive project updates, please contact our Project Manager, Justin Xenelis, [email protected].