Fiscal Freedom for CT: Vote NO to NPV!

Letter to the editor submitted by Laura Gladstone of Fiscal Freedom for CT

Response to Livvy Floren’s Decision to Vote Yes to National Popular Vote  (NPV) – For vote on Thursday

While Livvy was reading Plessy v. Ferguson which has nothing to do with the eradication of the electoral college, she may want to actually read the Constitution which is not a living, breathing document, but a document that was put into place by our Founding Fathers to protect us from despots and tyranny.

Our Constitution was written for our country to be a REPUBLIC and not a democracy. It ensures that ALL Americans and not just those living in large cities like L.A., Chicago and New York, are represented. Every area in the country is represented. Livvy is again not thinking about the “little guy” in Connecticut, whose voice deserves to be heard.

By voting for the upcoming National Popular Vote (NPV) she shows that she only cares how the large cities in our country vote and does not care about her own constituents. If we cede power to large cities, how will we, as residents of Connecticut, be adequately represented? 

People may be upset that Trump won this election, but we don’t remember Livvy coming out against the electoral college when Bill Clinton only got 49% of the popular vote in 1996 (thereby not getting above the 50% threshold).

Of course she was not alive when Abraham Lincoln lost the popular vote, but she may be thankful for the electoral college for that one – or she may have had a very different accent today.

We will go with Aristotle who pointed out that Republics tend to degenerate into democracies and inevitably democracies into tyrannies. Maybe she needs to meditate a bit more on the history of the Roman Republic and the French and Russian Revolutions and to compare these catastrophes to our ordered and limited Revolution. She also may want to work on more important voting agendas, like for instance, term limits in the House of Representatives.

Call your House of Representatives today and tell them to Vote NO to NPV.

– The Fiscal Freedom for CT Team

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