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Yale New Haven Health: This Year, Get a Flu Shot; Omicron Will Likely Become Dominant Variant; Patients Delaying Care Due to the Pandemic

“We’ve got another year or so of what we’ve been living with. Hopefully we’ve learned about public health measures specific to Covid, and we can blunt future waves more substantially than in the past, and we learn to live with those waves and ways we can blunt them.” – Dr. Tom Balcezak, Yale New Haven Health System. Continue Reading →

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First Selectman Update: I-95 Noise Mitigation, Pushback on Masking Requirement

“I don’t mind people sending me a study they found on the internet that says masks are terrible, but if you’re going to send something and use profane language and act in a cowardly fashion because you’re not in front of the person, that’s not going to get a response.” – Fred Camillo Continue Reading →

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Camillo Defends Mask Mandate: “The Argument about freedom – that I can’t buy”

The number of Covid cases is on the rise in Greenwich and in the region and public health measures are important, especially since many Greenwich residents will be returning from other locations at the end of the summer and bringing the virus with them. Continue Reading →

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Lamont Announces Vaccine Mandate for State Employees and Teachers in Public & Private Schools: Let’s Get Our Kids Into Schools Safely

“Look, I’m not eager to do this. We’re doing everything we can to keep us safe…We’ve got the masks, we’ve got the vaccines, we’ve got the capacity and we have over 80% of our adults vaccinated. Let’s build on that. That’s what gets our kids into schools safely.” – Governor Ned Lamont Continue Reading →

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Camillo: There’s been a surge in vaccinations in CT. People are starting to get concerned about the Delta variant.

“It’s hard to predict what’s around the corner. We have an idea that in September when everybody is back here and it’s a bit chilly, we may see a spike in cases and we’ll adjust accordingly. I don’t want to see events canceled. I don’t want to see capacity limits again.” – Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo Continue Reading →

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