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Yale New Haven Health: This Year, Get a Flu Shot; Omicron Will Likely Become Dominant Variant; Patients Delaying Care Due to the Pandemic

“We’ve got another year or so of what we’ve been living with. Hopefully we’ve learned about public health measures specific to Covid, and we can blunt future waves more substantially than in the past, and we learn to live with those waves and ways we can blunt them.” – Dr. Tom Balcezak, Yale New Haven Health System. Continue Reading →

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Concern Increases over Delta Variant: Fivefold Increase Over Two Weeks at Yale New Haven Health System

“The biggest group in our population in Connecticut that needs to get vaccinated is the 12 -25 year old group. That’s the folks across our state who are young and healthy, but are at risk of the virus,” he continued. “When they get it they spread it a lot and put our vaccinated folks, which are our older groups, at risk.” – Dr. Tom Balcezak, Yale New Haven Health System Chief Medical Officer Continue Reading →

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Covid Update: Tremendous Drop in Numbers, Myocarditis in a ‘Tiny Fraction’ of Young Men; Zero New Cases in Greenwich Schools

As of Tuesday there was just one Covid-19 patient at Greenwich Hospital. Superintendent Dr. Jones said it was the fourth week in the row that the number of active cases in Greenwich Schools was zero. Continue Reading →

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Covid-19 Vaccinations in CT: Fighting Misinformation, Scheduling an Appointment, Anticipating Herd Immunity

During a press conference on Wednesday, the CEO of Yale New Haven Health System, Marna Borgstrom, said the high mark for Covid-19 hospitalizations was four months ago during the second wave of Covid-19. On December 8, 2020 the system had 447 Covid-positive patients. As of Wednesday, the system was down to 165 patients, with 44 in ICU and fewer than half of them on ventilators. That breaks down as 97 at Yale New Haven Hospital, 43 at Bridgeport, 11 at L+M, 11 at Greenwich Hospital, 2 at Westerly. Nearly 10,000 people have been discharged after being admitted with Covid-19. Continue Reading →

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