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Birdie’s Auto Spa Brings Steam Detailing to Your Greenwich Driveway

Eric Birdsall, aka “Birdie” has been detailing cars and SUVs inside and out with less than one gallon of water per car. Birdie’s Auto Spa will dispatch a van equipped with a steamer the size of a lawn mower with a 50 ft hose that emits a safe stream of steam. And whereas a traditional car wash uses 50 gallons of water, and a do-it-yourself wash in the driveway uses up to 100 gallons, the steam method is convenient, conserves water and has beautiful results. Continue Reading →

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Water in Greenwich – Too Much? Too Little?

“Our Greenwich reservoirs are generally full by spring. However, the large summer demand for water, coupled with climatic changes have meant that our reservoir system, alone, can no longer sustain us through our increasingly hot and dry summers because of our penchant for extensive lawns and irrigation.” – Elizabeth Dempsey Continue Reading →

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Enforcement of Mandatory Watering Ban in Greenwich Allows Greenwich Police to Issue Fines

On Thursday the Board of Selectmen will enact Article 5 of the Town’s ordinances, which pertains to water conservation. The ordinance stems back to the late 1970s, early 1980s when Greenwich’s water supplies dwindled to a just a two-week supply.
On Monday night First Selectman Peter Tesei said that once the ordinance is activated, it will provide Greenwich Police the mechanism to enforce with fines. Continue Reading →

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