Town to Open Limited Tennis Facilities on Friday

On Wednesday First Selectman Fred Camillo announced that after careful consideration and review with his Emergency Management Task Force and the Parks & Recreation Dept, the town will reopen some tennis facilities beginning Friday, May 15.

Town tennis courts had been closed to the public as of March 22, per the Greenwich First Selectman to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Tennis courts at Binney, Bruce and Byram parks and at Greenwich High School will be open for singles-only play.

Doubles tennis and pickle ball will not be permitted.

The courts will be available via online-reservations for residents with either a 2019 or 2020 tennis pass.

Further details on tennis court use can be found here.

Please read the following rules carefully. they are intended to ensure your health and safety, and that of fellow players. Anyone caught in violation will be asked to leave immediately and may be subject to a loss of tennis privileges for the season.

  1. Social distancing of at least 6 ft must be maintained at all times when on the property including in the parking lot. You must immediately leave the property after your visit and not congregate in the parking lot.

2. Everyone must have a cloth face covering or higher level of protection whenever close contact is unavoidable while using the park/school facilities.

3. Only singles tennis play is permitted. Currently, no doubles tennis and no pickleball.

4. Since there are limited courts available, we strongly recommend that everyone makes a reservation before playing. Reservations will be accepted beginning May 14.

5. Residents with a valid 2020 tennis pass may reserve a court online, one day in advance at: www.GreenwichCT.Gov/Webtrac

6. Residents who have not yet obtained a 2020 pass, but do have a 2019 tennis pass may email a request for a court reservation up until 3:00pm three days in advance of the desired play date to: [email protected]

7. In addition to the above, all other regular tennis court rules apply.

8. Town of Greenwich Tennis Court Monitors will be at the courts to be sure of rule compliance by all player.  Although we will continue to make every effort to provide a healthy environment, please make responsible decisions, based on your personal risk profile, on whether to expose yourself to others.

We will continue to provide access to our customers during this heightened alert period as long as everyone obeys the above safety practices. We will continue to monitor the recommendations by the CDC, local, state and national authorities and keep you updated on changes.

If you, a family member or someone you have been in contact with has respiratory symptoms, particularly a fever, do not visit the park or school facilities.