Town Announces Fireworks Will Go Ahead as Planned

According to a release from the First Selectman’s office Friday afternoon, after meeting with the Department of Parks & Recreation and the fireworks planning team, the town decided to go ahead with Saturday night’s fireworks shows at Greenwich Point and Binney Park.

“We are aware that the Connecticut Department of Public Health has said there will be unhealthy levels of air quality, today, Friday June 30, and we are urging residents to take care of themselves and be cautious. However, we do not anticipate as of now that this will have an impact on the Saturday, July 1 fireworks shows,” Fred Camillo said in a statement.

The forecast for Saturday is mostly sunny with a slight chance of rain in the evening and we are planning to go ahead.

What You Need to Know about Independence Day Fireworks in Greenwich

The unhealthy air levels are being caused by smoke in the air from Canadian wildfires and the forecast currently is that the smoke should begin to clear by Saturday. That should allow for the air quality to no longer be at or above an unhealthy level of concern.

Members of the public that are in sensitive groups may still experience health effects, so
please use caution if you plan to attend the fireworks display on Saturday.

“We will continue to closely monitor the weather and air quality for Saturday and will make an announcement if we are unable to go ahead as scheduled,” Camillo said in his statement.

A phone number has been set up at 203-861-6100 for information about the fireworks and the town will also let people know through local media and the First Selectmen’s Community Connections email list if there is a change in plans.

With air quality a concern on Friday June 30, residents are urged to take precautions including shortening outdoor activities, conducting less strenuous activities, spending less time near busy roadways and taking breaks during all outdoor activities.

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