Specific Outdoor Water Use Restrictions Eased; Mandatory Irrigation Ban Still in Effect

As the drought continues, the Connecticut Dept of Public Health has updated its water supply emergency order for Greenwich, Darien New Canaan and Stamford, but some restrictions have eased.

As of February 17, 2017, the Greenwich system was approximately 68 percent full, while the Stamford system measured 61 percent full. These systems are typically 88 percent full this time of year.

A new order continues the irrigation ban in Greenwich, where there has been some talk about a possible two-day-a-week limit to lawn irrigation this summer.

Other towns impacted by the restrictions are Darien, New Canaan and Stamford.

The following specific outdoor water uses are now permitted:

  • Using fire hydrants for fire protection, fire training, and flushing of sewers, or where a threat to public health or safety may exist
  • Repairing or testing of a new or existing automatic irrigation system
  • Using drip irrigation, soaker hoses, and hand-watering
  • Irrigating nursery stock at a commercial plant nursery
  • Power washing of residences and commercial buildings
  • Watering of golf course greens and tees, but not fairways
  • Filling or adding water to pools used for private or public recreational purposes
  • Using water for Industrial and commercial air conditioning
  • Washing boats and motor vehicles
  • Using ornamental or display fountains where the water used is being recycled
  • Using water for dust control at construction sites
  • Using water for municipal street sweeping

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