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Tickets on Sale for Second Season of Arpeggio Music Festival

The festival director is Bill Bonnell, for whom music has been a big part of his life, both as a musician and as a concert-goer. He started playing the French horn when he was eleven, and he kept on playing it; for years he was a member of the Connecticut Symphonic Winds. Retired after a career in graphic design and branding, his appetite for concerts is as hearty as ever, and he continues to travel often to concerts and music festivals around the U.S. and abroad.  Continue Reading →

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Wall Street Theater 2023 Gala to Feature The Irish Tenors with Norwalk Symphony Orchestra on June 17

The Irish Tenors have been the acknowledged Celtic music kings since they burst upon the scene during a 1998 TV special from Ireland and then their first U.S. televised show, “Live from Ellis Island” with award-winning actor Martin Sheen as host. Continue Reading →

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Wildlife Highlight in Greenwich: Horseshoe Crabs

If you do get lucky enough to see a horseshoe crab on the beach, you might wonder if it is dangerous because of its spike-like tail (called a telson). Although these prehistoric creatures may look a little scary, they are harmless. The spike-like tail allows them to navigate the world around them and if a wave knocks them over they use it to get back on their feet. Continue Reading →

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