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Klockenbrink: The $3.2M Question

“We have two golden opportunities to save millions of dollars for our school systems that could go to the mountain of other school infrastructure needs. Geothermal HVAC systems that don’t depend on natural gas will save us millions of dollars of operating costs now and into the future. Geothermal systems are 80 percent more energy efficient than natural gas systems and don’t subject our budgets to volatile and escalating natural gas prices.” – Myra Klockenbrink, Member of Greenwich Sustainability Committee Continue Reading →

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Lisa Wynne Salvatore: Helping Clients Move to a World of Infinite Possibilities

Lisa Wynne Salvatore, who is licensed and certified in the fields of meditation, nutrition, aesthetics, aromatherapy, massage therapy and energy healing, describes herself as a life coach and mentor who lives for her clients’ aha moments. “It’s like peeling back the layers of an onion…The only way out is by going inward.” Continue Reading →

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TV Actor, Producer Scott Winters to Speak at Christ Church Greenwich Dec. 9

Winters has appeared in over 150 TV shows and films including his notable role in the film ‘Good Will Hunting’ as Clark, (remember the “how about these apples” scene with Matt Damon?) He has appeared in NYPD Blue, CSI, NCIS, Bull, Blue Bloods, Oz, Dexter, 24, Without A Trace, The Americans, Law & Order, and many more. Continue Reading →

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O’Brien: The Problem with RTM Resolution 13

“There are presently 14 schools in Connecticut utilizing Geothermal HVAC systems for cooling and heating. More and more K12 schools are adopting this technology because of the incentives offered through the Federal Inflation Reduction Act, plus the low cost to run them for heat and AC. It is the RTM’s responsibility to understand the costs of gas vs geothermal systems – upfront costs, fuel costs, life cycle costs, operating costs, and federal incentives available.” – James J. O’Brien is a member of RTM District 1   Continue Reading →

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