VIDEO: Mother’s Day Bike Ride Mountain Bike Stunt Performance

The 13th  Annual Old Greenwich-­Riverside Community Center Mother’s Day Bike Ride benefited from warm, sunny temps on Sunday.

“This has become a staple of the spring event calendar,” said David Rafferty of OGRCC. “We made it nice with flowers and food trucks so you can have brunch with mom, and the bike vendors — We’re building on the idea that this is family.”

Mother's Day Bike Ride

Jill Oberlander, David Rafferty, Larry Penn at the Mother’s Day Bike Ride in Old Greenwich on May 10, 2015. Credit: Leslie Yager

“We really want to thank Ellington Management Group for picking this up and supporting the event,” Rafferty said, adding that a lot of Ellington employees bicycle to work. “They made it part of Neighbor to Neighbor,” he added, referring to Ellington’s  on-site food collection for Neighbor to Neighbor.

Entire families turned out to celebrate mom with a pleasure as simple as a bike ride. Among the cyclists who completed the 6-mile ride from Old Greenwich School, around Tod’s Point and back were Jill Oberlander, her husband Larry Penn and the couple’s two daughters.

Greenwich Safe Cycles Vin DiMarco was busy giving out free helmets and information. Food trucks including Melt Mobile and Café Bon did a brisk business.

kitchen tour

OGRCC Kitchen Tour is May 13. Lunch this year is at Le Fat Poodle.

The next OGRCC event is the Kitchen Tour, May 13 from 10:00 to 2:00pm. The tour is post-Mother’s Day tradition on the second Wednesday of May. Lunch this year will be at the Fat Poodle in Old Greenwich. In addition to providing local residents and visitors with a fun and interesting event, the tour raises money for the OGRCC Scholarship Fund.

Tickets available on the OGRCC website.

mother's day bike ride

Families congregated at Old Greenwich School for the Mother’s Day Bike Ride.

Dave's Cycle

Dave’s Cycle was one of the bicycle vendors at the Mother’s Day Bike Ride which started at Old Greenwich School.

bicycle helmet

Vin DiMarco of Greenwich Safe Cycling helps a young bicyclist with a helmet adjustment.

Mike Steidley mountain bike stunt show

Volunteers assisted with the Mike Steidley mountain bike stunt show at the Mother’s Day Bike Ride.

mountain bike stunt show

Mike Steidley Mountain Bike Stunt Show.

limbo stunt

Mike Steidley Mountain Bike Stunt Show at the Mother’s Day Bike Ride, 2015.

bike stunt ramp

Mike Steidley Mountain Bike Stunt Show


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