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Attorney for Greenwich DPW Worker “Stunned” Town Disclosed Confidential Personnel Info

“I am surprised at the Town’s interpretation of those sanctions and I am frankly stunned that they think it is appropriate, or even legal, to publicly disclose personnel information when it knows full well that Mr. Clifford has already been identified in the press.” – Attorney Lindy Urso Continue Reading →

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Portrait of Alleged Killer Emerges; Javier Da Silva Is Citizen of Portugal Who Overstayed Visa

According to a complaint with the US Attorney Southern District of New York, Javier Da Silva said he had sex with the victim at her residence and at some point she fell to the floor and hit her head. He told police that he placed packing tape over her mouth, bound her legs and hands, and put her in a suitcase. He then said that he placed the suitcase in his car and drove way. After driving for some time, he stated that he placed the suitcase in a forest. Continue Reading →

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GPD: Javier DeSilva of Queens, NY “Admitted a Role in the Death of Valerie Reyes”

“What zeroed us in (on Javier DeSilva) was, from the timeline we established, we believe she was already deceased, and we saw continued ATM activity…. This same suspect was interviewed jointly by Greenwich and New Rochelle detectives and admitted a role in the death of Valerie Reyes,” Berry said. Continue Reading →

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