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Parks & Rec, Greenwich Arts Council Sandblast Sand Sculpture Festival Set for Saturday, July 21

Sandblast is intended purely for a fun day at the beach, focusing on the creative aspect of
sand sculpting. Participants need only bring shovels, pails, and any tools to create a sand
sculpture. Participants will also need to check-in at the middle pavilion on the beach and
get a flag to mark their sculpture. Continue Reading →

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PHOTOS: Sun Shines on Art to the Ave Festivities

By Leslie Yager

Some time late Thursday morning the sun broke through the fog. From Old Greenwich to Byram, steam rose from the rain soaked asphalt. The air grew warmer. Air conditioners whirred to life. And everyone holding their collective breath in anticipation of the Art to the Ave festivities exhaled a deep sigh of relief and  headed out to the party. And it was a blast! Continue Reading →

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