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Greenwich RTM Opts-Out of State ADU Model Ordinance Despite Opposing Views

CT Public Act 21-29 standardizes requirements for ADUs. It encourages increased overall supply. P&Z chair Margarita Alban said Greenwich wants to increase affordable housing.
Brooks Harris said that the state language would turn all single family homes outside R6 into two-family dwellings. Continue Reading →

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An Open Letter to the Members of the Board of Estimate and Taxation

“We are as concerned as everyone about the economic impact of the pandemic. However, current indicators suggest our Town’s finances have held steadfast. Property transactions — and conveyance tax revenues — have increased. Divide the $900,000 difference between the BET and BOE budgets by the 16,000 families living in Greenwich and one gets $56.25.” – group letter Continue Reading →

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Why Ditch 9th Grade Social Studies? Opposition to “New Advanced Freshman Course” at GHS

“To segregate our Social Studies students into smaller and more homogenous intellectual groups would similarly fail to take advantage of one of Greenwich High’s truly unique resources: its student body.” – Former GHS PTA President, Mareta Hamre Continue Reading →

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