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P&Z Watch: More Traffic Data Requested for Greenwich Academy Busing Program

P&Z commissioners and neighbors questioned the private school’s goal of sustainability. They said an increase in enrollment of 50 students would offset any decrease in traffic from an aggressive busing program. Continue Reading →

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P&Z Watch: Church-Sherwood 8-30g Attorneys Say “Not Unreasonable Destruction” of Historic Assets

“To hear people say they’re building this building in the spirit of how the neighborhood originally started, to me is a bunch of bunk because the building looks like a fortress.” – Dean Gamanos, resident of the Fourth Ward Continue Reading →

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P&Z Watch: Two-Story 8-30g Proposed Atop Historic Putnam Trust Building on Greenwich Ave Raises “Grave Concerns”

“Given the sense that change is somewhat inevitable, we want to preserve aesthetic factors. We also want to create affordable housing.” – Chip Haslun, attorney for the applicant Continue Reading →

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P&Z Offer Feedback on Pre App for 300-Seat Mediterranean Restaurant and Event Space Proposed for Liberty Way

The applicant seeks to create a conforming use on the first floor with a restaurant and bakery, but want a non conforming use on the second floor. The second floor group fitness gym is not allowed on a second floor (only one-on-one fitness is allowed on second floor), so NY Sports Club’s second floor use was non conforming. The regulations do not articulate vertical changes in non conformities. Continue Reading →

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