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Protecting You and Loved Ones from Lyme Disease: The Snake in the Greenwich Grass

Do not use folklore treatments like nail polish, petroleum jelly or matches to detach a tick. Before and after removing the tick, clean the affected skin with rubbing alcohol or soap. Use tweezers to grab the tick and pull upward in slow steady motion—no twisting or jerking. If the head breaks off in the skin remove it with tweezers if possible or apply a small amount of ointment and let it heal. Place the tick in a sealed plastic bag or container but do not attach it to tape. Continue Reading →

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It’s Time! Health Dept Advises Taking Precautions Against Ticks

The Health Dept Lab at Greenwich Town Hall offers tick testing. If a tick is found on a person – either dead or alive – it should be removed carefully with a long nosed tweezer. The tick should be placed in a tightly sealed small plastic sandwich bag marked with the date and body site of the bite. The Lab is in the Town Hall basement. Continue Reading →

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Gretchen Carlson to Emcee Greenwich Gala for Lyme Disease Awareness

Event co-chairs include Emmy Award-winning actress Jane Alexander; Bravo TV’s Andy Cohen; women’s basketball superstar/Olympian Elena Delle Donne; Olympian Donna deVarona; meteorologist Dr. Bill Evans; actress Marla Maples; best-selling author Jay McInerney; actress Parker Posey; Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Seaver; best-selling author Rebecca Wells, and others still to be named. Continue Reading →

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How Infections Can Impact Your Child’s Brain: Links Academy Hosts Panel on Lyme and Learning

Lyme disease can derail a child’s education, impairing learning, causing debilitating fatigue, and requiring lengthy medical treatments. To address this epidemic in our schools, Links Academy is hosting a special panel of experts on February 7, 2017, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. The event is free and open to the public. Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Health Dept Warning: Ticks Are Out!

Always avoid tick habitats such as woodlands, tall grass, stone walls and leaf-covered areas, and perform frequent body checks on a daily basis. If a tick is found on the skin, carefully remove it with long-tipped tweezers and save it for testing. The Greenwich Health Dept Laboratory tests ticks, both dead and alive, for Lyme disease and babesiosis, another tick-borne disease, on-site for a fee. Continue Reading →

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In Time for Tick Season, Lyme Research Alliance Announces Merger with TBDA

“We are looking forward to working closely together as a new organization to find the answers that will end the suffering of so many afflicted people, especially children,” said Debbie Siciliano, co-founder and co-president of LRA. Continue Reading →

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