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It’s Time! Health Dept Advises Taking Precautions Against Ticks

The Health Dept Lab at Greenwich Town Hall offers tick testing. If a tick is found on a person – either dead or alive – it should be removed carefully with a long nosed tweezer. The tick should be placed in a tightly sealed small plastic sandwich bag marked with the date and body site of the bite. The Lab is in the Town Hall basement. Continue Reading →

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Find a Tick? Worried about Lyme Disease? Head to the Greenwich Health Dept Lab

The lab in the lower level of Greenwich Town Hall will examine any ticks residents bring to determine whether they carry the bacteria that correlates to Lyme Disease.

In most cases, a tick must be attached for 36-48 hours or more before the Lyme disease bacterium can be transmitted.

Female ticks and nymphs are more likely to carry this bacteria, so the lab will determine whether the tick is male or female. The lab fee of $65.00 only applies to female ticks. Continue Reading →

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